19. 08. 2011.

BON JOVI - Zagreb 08.06.2011.

After more than half a year of planning and waiting and even anxiety whether the whole band will perform together knowing that Sambora missed the last month of the tour that preceded the Zagreb concert, finally came that day. 

We are flying from Dubrovnik to Zagreb; we are going to a Bon Jovi concert! As soon as we arrived at the airport I saw about 10 acquaintances that were also heading to a concert and that impressed me very early in the morning. When we landed at Zagreb airport we were greeted by rain, a real downpour, but I was not afraid because I knew that that night everything had to be perfect

A few years ago I thought I would never be at a Bon Jovi concert and now I’m practically few hours away from their second live performance. 

Day somehow flew and we arrived there in front of the entrance to the stadium. I feared whether they will let me bring my camera in since it is slightly larger. Security guards asked what it was and after my explanation they consulted each other and said: “Come enter but do not do those large images!”  (He, he I guess he thought with a big zoom) Hooray….so the last obstacle for the super concert disappeared. We met up with the rest of the team from Dubrovnik; we entered the golden circle and got our gold bracelets.

We arrived at a time when the opening act THE BREAKERS started playing. I have never before heard of this Danish group, but I was pleasantly surprised when they started playing. Definitely an interesting band.  Their gig was followed by a short break to prepare the stage and instruments for Bon Jovi. We walked around a bit, bought a drink until exactly at 8,30pm started intro.

They hit me instantly with Raise Your Hands, it resounded through the whole stadium; „ From NJ to Chicago, Raise Your Hands, From NJ to Zagreb“. The chorus was repeated again and again, the whole stadium sang the first song from beginning to end. Then followed the eternal hit You Give Love A Bad Name, then legendary Born To Be My Baby, and a recent thing We Weren’t Born To Follow, followed by hits: In These Arms, Runaway, It’s My Life and a huge surprise for me Blaze Of Glory. I survived somehow Captain Crash…..but there comes a bomb We Got It Going On…. How good it sounds live…. After that song definitely no one could stand still. The stadium is in utter delirium, as follows Bad Medicine/Pretty Woman and Lay Your Hands On Me. 

I must admit that although I was delighted I did not jump, I decided to quietly watch and make the best possible photos. But when they appeared on the catwalk I simply went crazy, I left my team and went ahead to the middle part and managed to get through to the band. Bed Of Roses, I’ll Be There For You (Richie approached Jon), Something For The Pain (Tico arrives with small drums and David with accordion)…Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night. This part of the concert was beyond my expectations. From the great happiness and joy my hands were trembling so at the end half of my photos remained murky.

Female part of the team was thrilled with the songs as much as with Jon’s looks. When I joined them again I found out that one of my friends was hit by plectrum which Sambora threw into the audience. She managed to pick it up from floor and saved it in her wallet. Of course we were all jealous at her at that moment. 

The concert was continued with great hit Who Says You Can’t Go Home, then followed I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and Love’s Only Rule. Excitement and joy reached a peak with Have A Nice Day and Keep The Faith.

Then followed well established trick...as band leaves we shout and ask for more. I hoped that they will sing Wanted Dead Or Alive and Living On A Prayer.  This night was special and full of surprises so out of the blue hit me song Hey God. I am thrilled and I listen disbelieving. Then follows the hymn Wanted Dead Or Alive, and again surprise song These Days. I cannot believe I’m hearing it but in this night dreams do come true. In the end they sang Living On The Prayer, the first song that I ever heard from them twenty or so years ago and a song that made me fall in love with this band.

Was this indeed a very special concert? I watched people around me, so much energy, so much joy, so many smiles, and so many people singing the lyrics along with Jon. I have seen on Jon's face that he was glad and that he did not expect so much joy and happiness. Richie received huge applause and ovation for each solo. I assume that none of them expected this euphoria. We who were there we got a great show, excellent performance linked with an excellent stage. Each song led to another story on the screen therefore it was visually very impressive. 

When the concert came to an end, the crowd dispersed peacefully, the city streets were flooded by Bon Jove  fans who were quietly going to their homes, hotels, etc. One could feel the positive energy everywhere and we were all impressed by the concert not only that night, but for many days afterwards.

Now that Zagreb is marked on a Bon Jovi map I hope it will be easier to get to Bon Jovi concerts in the future.  You’ve probably heard about rock n roll damnation; the more concerts you see more you want them in your life.

If you like this pictures, in Picasa web album you can find all my pictures from this  concert.

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