21. 08. 2012.

Free accommodation in Dubrovnik - He who dares wins

Early this morning we found those guys fast asleep in one of Dubrovnik's city parks. So who says that Dubrovnik is expensive or unreachable? But I must admit I would not be quite as easy sleeping outside. You never know what the night brings...

20. 08. 2012.

United colors of Benetton

Detal from a local store

 Knowing the high prices of their clothes they could at least change the hangers every few years... View of this does not motivate me to buy at all.

17. 08. 2012.

The Pirate Cake

This was my homemade cake and this was the first time I've made a fondant to decorate a cake. It was for my son's 4th birthday. This cake was inspired by his favorite cartoon Jake and the Neverland pirates. My husband was very anxious to see it done and was very supportive. My son loved it so much (although he said that the octopus was a bit yuck :-) and has already ordered a  huge cruise ship cake with a tugboat to drag it for his next birthday :-). Hopefully I'll get some idea  how to do it by the time. This cake was such fun to do so  I'll be making another one for another big celebration very soon (but with different decoration).