16. 06. 2012.


My summer vegetable lasagne

This was the first time I've tried to prepare a meal from one of Jamie Oliver's recipes. I was actually watching his video on my laptop while I was making my lasagne.

I'm happy to say that everyone liked this dish. Vegetables are perfectly combined and spices are used wisely.

The lasagne turned out great. It was better then I even expected. I liked it a lot more knowing that all those vegetables came from my own garden (with exception of asparagus).

This meal is not complicated at all and I recommend it with all my heart.

Slice of my vegetable lasagne

Jamie Oliver has a simple approach to cooking. Love for food and cooking is bursting from each of his movements. And Jamie knows how to convey his love and passion for food to others. I saw him crying when his cake turned out perfect. I saw him crying when they tried to stop him from school food revolution project. He cooks with his heart and that is his greatness.

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