14. 06. 2012.


Spring is my favorite period of the year. Maybe the fact that I was born in springtime has something to do with it. I remember that during my childhood all my birthdays parties were decorated with large bouquets of red tulips. Even a brief look at the tulips always brings sweet memories to life.

Scents of flowers in the air, blooming meadows ... birds returning from the south. Nature seems to be wearing a new clothes, brighter, lighter, spotted with all shades of green and decorated with tassels of the most beautiful wild flowers. Garden centers offering plants of all kinds of colors and sizes ready for planting.

I can see chirping swallows building their nest under the roof, bees fly from flower to flower collecting pollen diligently and army of ants carrying precious seeds to the anthill by walking the beaten track.

This spring the blackbird arrived for the first time in my garden. I enjoy watching it so proudly prancing with orange beak high in the air, and collecting dry twigs and grass for its nest. And this blackbird sings so beautifully, I could listen to it for hours.
Spring makes me feel enthusiastic, happy and alive. I feel like a butterfly waking from a winter follicle and spreading out its beautiful wings for the first time. 
We could not survive without plants, without the sun and the air. Unfortunately the world is systematically destroying the natural resources. Therefore I try to contribute to the preservation of nature on my own way. By gardening I create a very pleasant atmosphere around the house, a green fence protects home from unwanted observers and also makes natural protection from the street noise. By planting various flowers, grasses and trees I try to create a home to various birds, insects and larvae that would otherwise have no place to go.

And when spring arrives I look forward to every leaf that grows, every flower that blossoms and every bird that sings from the tree in my garden.

Roses are among my favorites. They are so delicate, soft, their colors are divine and their flavor is heavenly sweet.

The following picture shows Campanula poscharskyana E.H.Frost a plant that spreads like a fragrant white pillow. When I planted it I had no idea what it would look like but now I'm delighted with it.

Callistemon is an evergreen plant, it has a beautiful soft red flowers of intense red color and is truly a centerpiece of every garden. 

Dianthus barbatus

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