12. 08. 2011.

JON BON JOVI in Dubrovnik

Twenty years ago such a title would sound like a dream come true.  Twenty years ago I was a teenager who lived in her fantasy world, listening to Bon Jovi in a room full of posters of Jon, Richie, Tico and David. I always imagined what it would be like if Bon Jovi came to Dubrovnik during the summer and had a concert in the Old Town.

Nowadays in the mid-thirties with a husband and a three years old son I’m still a big fan. Now I am richer for their two concerts I was fortunate to be.  I'm happy that my husband enjoys their music also and that we go to concerts together.  

So when my friend called a week ago and said that the yacht with Jon is anchored in front of the old port of Dubrovnik, I was so excited.  At this point I was in my office.  Over the lunch break I went out and I rushed to the old port and managed to take a few pictures of Jon’s yacht and returned to the office all in time.

By the end of working hours I made a bunch of errors. The only thing I could think of was how to get to the Old Town as soon as possible and try to catch Jon and ask him for an autograph. So my husband agreed to pick me up after work and we took our son with us and we went to the old harbor. We were so happy because we thought he was still somewhere around us. So we walked all over the town many times but after a while we realized that there wasn’t his yacht and that there wasn’t any sign of him anywhere because he left town early that day. 

I was so disappointed and sad that we missed him. I wanted to show my son my favorite singer and band leader and tell him that that guy sings his favorite song THIS IS OUR HOUSE.  But then again....I’m happy that he chose our country and our city for a family vacation.  I hope he is having a good time and I wish him many more good albums and concerts. 

And of course I expect more of their concerts in Croatia and I hope that then I will be able to get his autograph and maybe a photo with him, or better yet with all the band members.

Here are my photos of Jon’s yacht and a few photos that I found on the internet showing Jon and his family arriving at the old port of Dubrovnik.

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